Went to Best Denki yesterday, and they were having a discount on this baby:

Brother XL2220 (model shown is XL2120). They were selling it at S$199! I stood there staring at it for such a loooong time. I wanted to plonk down the money and carry it home, but I had to be rational. Breathe! Breathe! I told myself. Must at least wait till get year-end bonus.

Asked BC if he could buy it for my bday present but he thought it was too ex for a bday present.

But I would like to have it sooooo much! And it would come in so handy when we’re doing up our new flat too! Pray v hard… for further discount and BIG year-end bonus!!! Yeah! 😛

Oh, and when I was on the SBS bus 60 yesterday, I accidentally scraped my ankle on some sharp edge underneath one of the bus seats and it bled and bled the whole trip! I felt faint. when I got off. Managed to stop the bleeding by applying constant pressure with a wet tissue and sticking on a handiplast that I bought from 7-11. Ms Monkey said I should take a photo of the wound and sue SBS but the photo looks so disgusting. Maybe I’ll send in a complaint. It’s dangerous to have such sharp edges lying around.