A Frosty Looking Christmas Tree in Hot Hot Singapore

Matching Jackets I got for BC and myself Matching Jackets I bought for BC and self.

Sewing Machine I love this sewing machine! Makes sewing a breeze 🙂


Guess where this is?

Had a nice Christmas, brought BC to show my maternal grandparents and aunties and cousins. Was quite enjoyable after all. Think this will be the last year I’m getting Christmas presents as “one of the kids” cos I’ll be getting married next year and will no longer be considered a kid :p

Got a Clarins lip balm (love the cherry smell), pupa cute eyeshadow compact, perfume roll-on, zigsaw puzzle of manga characters, and moisturisers from my aunties. Thanks aunties!

JH gave me a much-needed hair masque for dry hair, & Ms monkey and ms piggy gave me a really cute kitty pouch! Also received lots of chocolates from my colleagues… Must resist must resist…Must maintain figure (hahaha)…

Went to Parkway on Sat with BC and finally found the matching bangle to complete my “si dian jin” set after much searching. And it was a nice diamond bangle that didn’t cost the earth, cos they were having the Christmas 50% off. Just today, the price went up again cos the 50% discount was off. So it was good that we got it on Sat.