Well well, the weekend just zoomed past and it’s Monday again. I feel like I haven’t rested enough yet. Went to our new flat again on Sat and took all the measurements we needed. Now to confirm our interior plans and look for a good contractor. Suggestions anyone?

Was all tired out on Sun but managed to make it to church. Fell asleep halfway through the sermon though 😛 but I think I at least caught the gist of it, our resurrection in Christ or something like that :p Hey, at least I made the effort to go despite feeling so tired, k? Wanted to pass the baby stuff I got for darling F but J’s hubby didn’t make it to church so have to wait till next week. I’m secretly paranoid about the baby growing too big for the lovely babysuits but like BC said, the baby can’t grow that much in a week. Hope I’ll be more energetic next Sun so can go play with baby F!

BC got our new laptop from the broadband deal last thurs and I brought it home on Sat. Spent a large part of last night doing virus checks, updates and windows updates. So much for my job applications which were supposed to be done last night… I MUST do them today!!! The laptop looks very sleek and hightech, like I was telling BC it’s more of a masculine design than the Fujitsu my last company provided us with. However, it’s also much heavier than the Fujitsu than I’m used to. Will take a pic of it and show it here.

No new pics to show today, but check out my new header with words! The font is quite blurry though, can anyone tell me how to sharpen it?

It’s back to work for me… Looking forward to lunch with BC later.