Have been busy to the bone the previous few weeks, which explains the lack of entries thus far. Everyday at work it’s rush rush rush to do my never-ending work. Then after work scrambling around to do my own things, like preparing for my wedding. Most of the time I’m so tired, all I want to do is sleep. I want to send out more applications for a new and hopefully better job, but a month has passed and I’ve only sent out a handfull. Oh well, it’s better to have a job and be looking for a better one than to be jobless and looking for one. What bugs me is that almost all the jobs I’ve applied for should be suitable for me according to my experience and qualifications, but none of them have called me! Now are my interpretation skills real bad or are their job writing skills lousy? I’m a recruiter so I should know better!

Visited Joey’s site and found this just for fun site that shows who your celebrity boob twin is and mine is:

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jennifer Aniston

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

I’m glad cos I like Jennifer Aniston and I always thought it was a shame that her ex-husband Brad Pitt got stolen by someone with bee-stung lips. I mean, are girls-next-door not sexy or beautiful? Me being a girl-next-door myself, I say that we are definitely beautiful AND sexy.

Went to baby F’s full month party yesterday and she pooped while I was carrying her! 😛 J said it was cos she liked me cos they have a really hard time getting her to poop. Haha! I guess I can go and buy 4D. Baby F behaved really well otherwise though, she didn’t cry or fidget while I was carrying her, though she practised all the funniest facial expressions, her favourite being 😮

The situation at my workplace is really bad now, my dept is almost half-strength left and everyone is demoralised. The only good thing is that my director seems to have finally woken up from hibernation and is appreciating us a bit more. I guess he is afraid that we will all leave and the dept will be paralysed, in fact the whole of my organisation will be affected. Me, I’m quite numb nowadays. I don’t think it’d make any difference if anyone else leaves. Bad leadership really makes or breaks an organisation, no matter how well it was run before.

I didn’t bring my camera phone cable home, so no photos to show today. Am going to take the Ferris wheel with BC today! 🙂

And so before I go out and play, I’m going to do my work, that is, apply for more jobs!!!