Brought Blackie to the reservoir for a walk on Sat with BC and my bro. (Annoucement! BC shall henceforth be known as DH in this blog to avoid blur pple thinking that he really is a BC, haha.)

Had to smuggle Blackie in my bro’s sports bag in order to bring her along on the bus (Y??? My Blackie definitely behaves better on a bus than some children I’ve seen). But Blackie didn’t mind a bit, she thought it was a great adventure and kept sticking her head out whenever she could to look at us.

Blackie in Bag 1

Heehee, isn’t she cute? She was panting cos she was so excited and happy. In fact, she jumped into te bag herself when we placed it on the floor! DH and bro jogged around the reservoir while Blackie and I just took a leisurely stroll. “We met 2 dogs who were enthusiatically dragged their owner towards us to smell Blackie and I was just thinking “what friendly dogs!” when the owner explained that they were male. Haha! So Blackie still has her charms despite being neutered!

We both enjoyed the nice walk and the fresh air at the reservoir. Blackie enjoyed her trip in the bag too!

P.S.: No dogs were harmed in the process of this walk!