This is my childhood playmate:
Childhood Playmate

Sorry that the pic is so blur but it’s a digital photo of a hardcopy photo from ages ago. He’s in the centre of the pic and this is about the only pic I have of him.

I can’t remember the 1st time we met, but we stayed in the same block no. 22 and took the same school bus and attended the same primary school. We were friends from Day One. We would race each other down the footpath that led from block 22 to Bedok  South Ave 1 when we saw the school bus coming, every school day. Unlike with my girl friends, we never quarrelled or had a cold war (probably cos he was a boy). I used to pull on his school bag handle to irritate him.

After school, we would wait for the school bus together, then when we alighted from the school bus we would have another race back to our block. Sometimes we would play around our neighbourhood, looking for interesting leaves, fruits or (gasp!) millipedes. Other times we would buy tidbits or ice lollies and eat them on the sly as I was not allowed to eat such things then. He taught me the art of blowing bubblegum (these were the days before chewing gum and bubblegum got banned in Singapore). Sometimes I would bug him to “treat” me to tidbits when I had no money. 😛

I remember him trying to make peace whenever I quarrelled with one of my girl friends. And even when the rest of them ignored me, he never did so. We were friends through the streaming in Pri 3 and 4, and despite our change of classes. I took it for granted that he would be there for me, every single day of my life. Even when he moved away from block 22, I thought it was no big deal since I would still see him in school everyday. I didn’t even get his new address or phone number from him. 😦 Even after we graduated from primary school, I thought that we would still go to the same secondary school, so I didn’t even ask him to keep in touch. Unexpectedly, I went to another secondary school that I hadn’t even heard of before the day I submitted my secondary school application form.

I can’t remember the last time I saw him. The way I remember him is the way he looks in the pic, a pri 5 or 6 boy. Once in a while I dream of him. I’ll probably never see him again, or maybe even if I do, I may not recognise him. But I’ll never forget those happy childhood days of running free in the neighbourhood.

JW, thank you for your friendship and all the happy childhood memories. Wherever you are, I hope that you are well and happy.