Have not been exactly having a whale of a time the past few days, painting my new flat. Sat & Sun were spent painting the ceilings, which was the worst part, and left me aching in my hands, arms, legs, back, well, all over. Then when I thought we were finally over with the ceilings, we returned on Monday morning to find that the living/ dining room ceiling was not evenly painted and required a 2nd coat! I almost fainted on the spot, I was so exhuasted already.

Then Mon we began work on the master bedroom walls, and finally I felt a sense of accomplishment. I chose ICI Dulux’s Evening Tide for most of the master bedroom walls and the colour turned out very well, even with just the 1st coat. Whereas their White, which we used on the ceiling, didn’t seem to show up as well.

After 3 continuous days of painting, I finally got to rest today, and boy, was I beat! I woke up at 9+ in the morning, watched Sesame Street, had my breakfast and lunch, and then, slept the whole afternoon! Even after the long nap, I still feel tired now. Pity my DH who had to go back to work today.

Conclusion: After completing the painting of my new home, I’m never going to do the painting myself again if I can help it!

Excuse me while I go nurse my aching back.