Went to Bussorah St on Wed to choose the flowers for the BIG day, and decided to explore the neighbouring area. Used to go to Arab street to but jewellery-making material, but never had the time to look round the other shops properly. So I thought why the heck not since I’m not working now and will probably never have another chance to explore the area again?

And Haji Lane gave me a pleasant surprise! I never knew there were so many interesting independent fashion shops along that lane. I didn’t go into every single shop, but it was sure a refreshing change from the malls where every mall has the same Giordano, Mango, Levis, Perlini’s Silver, Dano etc. Best of all there was a shop which had 3 identical orange cats in it! It was a pity it was closed, but I beckoned to one of them through the glass door and lo and behold, all 3 of them appeared to play with my “paw” through the glass door! So cuuuute! Too bad When I whipped out my camera phone from my bag, they ran away immediately. Hope the shop will be open next time so I can show you pictures of them 🙂

Along Bussorah St I chanced upon a shop named “Four Seasons” which had many hand-painted/ paper applique items which looked very country indeed. What I liked most were the quaint hanf-painted clocks but alas! They were too expensive for me. I did manage to get 3 ribbon-embroidered cushion covers for my new sofa though.

Arab Street is well known for it’s many fabric shops. But what few people know is that there is a shop there with sells cheap Swaroski crystalsalong with many other jewellery-making materials. There’s also a florist (which sells fake flowers) and a shop selling all sorts of rattan and cane merchandise, which includes rocking chairs and handing chairs that I don’t see around any more.

Am feeling extremely tired from my flu medicine, so I’m going to log off…

Pics of cats next time!