DH and I had out traditional wedding on 29 July 2007. (Though we had our legal wedding on 7 March 2007 – see earlier post.)

As we had planned, it was a simple wedding, cosy and intimate, with close family members and friends. We were blessed with perfect weather – not too hot but not rainy either. Everything went smoothly and it was over before I could say “Jack Robinson”. Of course, we had the usual teasing of the groom and tea ceremony, and of course, as befitting  my “eating monster” status, lots of food and drinks. Little Blackie was dressed in a pink dress with a frilly tutu I had made for her especially for the wedding. On the whole, I had a happy wedding day.

But I did feel a little sad and reluctant to leave my home of so many years to go to our new house. I felt I was leaving a piece of myself behind and it felt as if I was leaving my childhood behind forever. So in a way, I felt quite sad at the end of the day. Of course, I was happy to be with DH, but I think I will take some time to get used to living away from my family. Although it isn’t the 1st time I’m living away from my family, it feels different this time cos it seems so final, like this isn’t going to be my home anymore. I wonder if all brides feel this way or whether I am refusing to let go of being the protected and doted-upon daughter/ granddaughter.

There’s no internet connection at my new place yet, so my blogging will be (more) inconsistent these few weeks. For friends who want to see my wedding photos, I promise an online album when my connection is up! :p

Thanks to all who made my wedding a happy one, especially to Him up above.