1) Why does it ALWAYS rain when you put your laundry out to dry?

2) Why do Singaporeans always rush to get into the train before alighting passengers can get off? Do they not know that a train can only take so many people, and if no one gets off, pretty soon no one will be able to get on too?

3) Why are there so many distractions when you’re supposed to do something else (check out this fabulous one: ikea hacker) and nothing interesting to do when there’s nothing else to do?

4) Why are public bus fares always increasing in Singapore when there is no improvement in the bus service?

5) Why are there always renovations going on in the neighbourhood when you just want to have a quiet afternoon at home?

6) Why do you always meet the people you want to impress when you’re having a bad hair day/ bad complexion day/ feeling awful day?

7) Why does HDB make flats with such small rooms and kitchens? We have not shrunk into midgets.