It was my 1st day as part-time lecturer at a polytechnic today. The lesson was at 8am, so I had to wake up at 6.30am!!! Of course, I was my usual grouchy morning self. My whole body was screaming “I dun wanna wake up!”! I took 1/2 an hour to swallow 2 slices of bread cos my throat was still asleep.

Anyway, it made things worse when I got to the bus stop only to see my bus slipping away under my nose! Arrrgggghh! Then I couldn’t get a taxi. Before any available taxis came, the next bus had arrived. So yes, I was late on my 1st day of work there. What a great example to set my students!

 My students looked surprised to see me, I guess I was too young/ tall/ pretty for their expectations. Thankfully, they were a nice bunch and the tutorial went well.