As my dear friends know, I left my previous job because:

1) Negative job satisfaction

2) Lousy leaders who do things for their own selfish motives & not for the organisation (no, i’m not referring to our dear old CH)

3) Lots of people who do things for their own selfish motives (not as great a crime as 2 since they’re not the leader)

4) People who say one thing and do another

5) Office politics, not in my dept but inter-dept.

So I was hoping to avoid all of the above in my current part-time job. I thought it would be easy since I would be dealing with innocent students and not having much contact with any “adults”, right? WRONG!

The one “adult” I’ve been dealing with has finally pissed me off today. Let’s call it a “he”. I’ve only met him in person a couple of times, but just email and sms correspondence with him is enough to piss me off. He’s the person in charge of the subject I’m teaching so I do need to get his help/ advice sometimes.

Here’s the story: I noticed one of my classes had a pretty long break in between my lesson and their next lesson, and so did I (at least 3 hrs). They were all complaining and saying they wanted to skip the next lesson, which was a lecture conducted by his royal highness. I thought it was a bad idea for them to skip the lecture constantly and that it made no sense for them (and me) to have such a long break, so I decided to help them by looking for an alternative timeslot for our lesson. As I have no access to the room-booking system, I had to ask him to help me check for available rooms. Guess what he said?

Something like “please do not change the students class for them. we are not allowed to do so.” The cheek of this coming from someone who had just told me earlier that he had changed one of his classes to another day!!! Grrrrrr!!! I was pretty pissed off at his answer so I asked him why not? Then he said it was because if we changed classes for one class, other classes might ask the same thing and it would be very troublesome for him to book the rooms. What the fish? So in the end, it’s all for his convenience! If it suits him (eg for his own class), he can reschedule the class. If it doesn’t, it’s too TROUBLESOME. The students’ welfare doesn’t matter, whether they attend the lecture and learn the subject well or not doesn’t matter, only his own convenience matters!

Needless to say, I was extremely pissed off. However, I didn’t rebuke him. Why? I have already seen through him so there’s no point arguing with a hopeless person.

Not only is he guilty of 3 & 4 above, he also doesn’t bother to brief me properly and the expectations of the students. And the teachong materials are inconsistent, showing he did not even bother to go through them before starting the course.

Oh well… am I just too idealistic or do I care too much?