Clueless is my all-time favourite teen movie. I watched it with a friend in 1995, on a day before our ‘O’ level exams, while other students were studying furiously, and we enjoyed it throughly. I was almost 16 when I watched it and now I’m almost 28, but no other teen film has ever matched up to this.

It’s basically Jane Austen’s Emma meets Beverly Hills 90210. I’d write a sypnosis, but you can find a much better one on Wikipedia.

The thing is, watching this show used to make me feel happy, but somewhere along the way, it began to make me feel sad as well. Why? Because it’s too fairytale and I know life’s never so perfect. Well, as least it has never been so perfect for me.

Am I becoming so jaded at the young age of 28? I want the innocent, naive me back!

But still, if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a good show worth watching. They even have it on DVD nowadays. Go watch it!