As DH is away in Mumbai, India on an official trip, I’m back at my parents’ place for a few days of catching up with my family. I think this is still the BEST place for lazing around, even though i have a home of my own now. And I realise why I haven’t been crafting much since I moved to my new place – there simply isn’t a “crafting room” where I can get inspired. Here, all my crafting stuff is in my bedroom so it’s the best place to create new stuff, but in my new place everything’s just scattered around…

I’m in the midst of trying to make my new home more “country-style”, but it’s so hard to find nice country style furniture/ accessories that don’t cost the earth here. There was this fantastic mirror in a shop in Park Mall, but it cost more than S$1,000! Uhmm, I don’t think I can afford to spend that much on a mirror at this stage, I have better things to do with that S$1,000.

 I still have one more set of curtains to do, and that’s the set for our study… The reason why I’ve been proscrastinating for so long is that I bought the wrong colour for 1/2 of the fabric, which means extra sewing for me to make it a matching pair… so I’m been feeling extra lazy about it.

Haha, what was meant to be a post about my lazy Monday at home has turned into a report on my home decoration. Actually I would really like to go out, but I feel sooooo lazy! I’m lazy to even go downstairs to buy some white glue to start one of my craft projects. 😮

And of course, I’m even lazier to prepare for my classes this week. The topic is regression… bot very exciting isn’t it :p