Well yeah, it seems like everytime I write I’m either sick or bored. The truth is, though it seems like I have nothing to do, I actually have many things that I want to do, like going out, meeting friends, making crafts, baking, watching tv, cooking, cleaning the house, finally making my study room curtains, uploading photos onto my blog…. but I’m really just too lazy to do most of them. It’s only when I’m bored out of my wits, or sick and stuck at home, that I actually log in and write.

My nose is acting up yet again. Bleah. It started with a pain in my sinuses, so I knew they were getting inflamed again. So off I go to the sinseh (I’ve been faithfully going to the Chinese physician and taking TCM for months) and the medicine makes me feel a bit better. So yesterday I went out to Raffles Place to pay the balance for my honeymoon trip. Then I passed by this shop selling unique clothes (I’m so sick og the same clothes they sell in every single shopping centre) and delightly went in to try on some clothes. BIG MISTAKE. The shop was dusty and I started sneezing and my nose just ran non-stop. And that was it. The whole of yesterday my nose went crazy. I must have killed a tree with all the tissue paper I used up blowing my nose and spitting out the mucus. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!

The TCM didn’t help this time. I even took a Clarinase last night but it did nothing for me too. And I’m even developing a cough! As I speak, the pile of “wantons” next to me is growing. Only they aren’t stuffed with meat but with my mucus. (Yes, I’m disgusting.)

The only good thing that has come out of this is I discovered 2 interesting blogs today, by fellow Singaporeans: siapudding.blogspot.com and stickgal.blogspot.com. Cool but they didn’t cure me.

Somebody help! I feel miserable…