Holidays always go by too quickly… My honeymoon in Hokkaido was over too fast. The good thing is, I managed to get some Japanese makeup and skincare. Would have gotten more, but my DH said it was a lot already, and anyway we were already busting our budget, so… well, hopefully we get to go to Japan again soon! Heeheehee (rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the beauty goodies I want to get next time.)

So here are the beauty stuff I bought from Japan, for your viewing pleasure.Β 

Japanese Beauty Goodies

Perimeter clockwise from top: Sunkiller UV gel SPF 27 (this is for my DH), Sunkiller Kireihada SPF 50 X2, Sofina Raycious Creamy Foundation (Blue cover), Shiseido Lipbalm Hokkaido edition X3, Majolica Majorca (MJ) eyeshadows in Silver and Violet, MJ Customise case, MJ Skin Lingerie, Kesalan Patharan (KP) Micro Pressed Powder refill, KP Micro Loose Powder, Ma Cherie Night Essence (for hair), Kose Seikisho Pure Brightener (Facial Scrub)

Centre clockwise from left: Shiseido Rosarium Rose Aroma Oil, MJ Honey Pump Lip Gloss, Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone, Hokkaido Pure Lavendar Horse Oil

My DH says the girl in the Curvy Lip silicone picture looks like me when viewed upside down. Haha! For me, I think I have darker eyes and a slightly rounder face than her.

For those who are waiting for pictures of my holiday, stay tuned! They will be coming up soon. For now though, I’m going swimming! Wheeeee!