The weather lately has been the pits. Either it’s so scorchingly hot and glaring that I just sit down and sweat and feel nauseous, or it’s grey and gloomy and rainy and depressing. Sometimes it’s both in the same day.

You know, I was looking forward so much to the sch hols during term time, but now that it’s sch hols I feel so empty. I’m sick of eating the same food at the neighbourhood mall everyday, yet it doesn’t make sense to cook lunch just for one. There are many things which I’m supposed to do, but I don’t feel like doing them at all. I feel lonely, bored, low, unmotivated and OLD. I envy my students for being young, surrounded by friends, having lots of fun and time to have fun. Well yes I have the time now but no one to have fun with. I know, I’m fortunate to have sch hols and free time on weekdays when everyone’s working. But I miss the days of being a a sch girl, hanging out in a big group, talking nonsense with friends, just letting loose. As an adult, no one seems to have the time for that anymore. Instead, we have worries, work stress, bills to pay, children to take care of, housework to do, turning us into frazzled old hags.

Life! It makes everything so ordinary and humdrum.