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this is so funny… you might catch the joke better if you are familiar with the Bible :p


This picture from the Singapore SPCA site broke my heart:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and thankful that SPCA was able to help the poor old lady and the kitty. It’s the picture of the old lady hugging her kitty that almost had me in tears. Both of them look so fragile, yet the old lady loves her cat so much she brings it everywhere with her even though she has no home herself. Her love for her cat really touches me, but it makes me sad that she has no home of her own. Who’s going to help her?

 From the SPCA website: “Case 4, January 2007
This homeless old lady (below) has a pet kitten that she keeps with her everywhere she goes. Without the financial capability, she could not send kitty to a vet for its cat flu. Hearing her plight, we helped treated kitty and send it back to the old lady when it recovered.”

Went to Bussorah St on Wed to choose the flowers for the BIG day, and decided to explore the neighbouring area. Used to go to Arab street to but jewellery-making material, but never had the time to look round the other shops properly. So I thought why the heck not since I’m not working now and will probably never have another chance to explore the area again?

And Haji Lane gave me a pleasant surprise! I never knew there were so many interesting independent fashion shops along that lane. I didn’t go into every single shop, but it was sure a refreshing change from the malls where every mall has the same Giordano, Mango, Levis, Perlini’s Silver, Dano etc. Best of all there was a shop which had 3 identical orange cats in it! It was a pity it was closed, but I beckoned to one of them through the glass door and lo and behold, all 3 of them appeared to play with my “paw” through the glass door! So cuuuute! Too bad When I whipped out my camera phone from my bag, they ran away immediately. Hope the shop will be open next time so I can show you pictures of them 🙂

Along Bussorah St I chanced upon a shop named “Four Seasons” which had many hand-painted/ paper applique items which looked very country indeed. What I liked most were the quaint hanf-painted clocks but alas! They were too expensive for me. I did manage to get 3 ribbon-embroidered cushion covers for my new sofa though.

Arab Street is well known for it’s many fabric shops. But what few people know is that there is a shop there with sells cheap Swaroski crystalsalong with many other jewellery-making materials. There’s also a florist (which sells fake flowers) and a shop selling all sorts of rattan and cane merchandise, which includes rocking chairs and handing chairs that I don’t see around any more.

Am feeling extremely tired from my flu medicine, so I’m going to log off…

Pics of cats next time!

Took this one at my new neighbourhood in Sengkang. She was a friendly kitty.

Meow? Looking for me?

2 cats near my void deck. The white one is very friendly but I hadn’t seen her for a long time.

My cousin Joel’s dwarf hamsters. He got them for his 12th birthday. Ain’t they cute?



Picture from  by tofuburger. Additional words, author’s own.

Thought I’d share with you some pics of the neighbourhood cats.

Cat protecting modesty

 “I must protect my modesty!”


“Sleeping in the gutter is soooooo cosy”




“Oh tree of knowledge, what is the meaning of being? Ommm…”