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A Happy and Blessed New Year to all!


We could all do with some Snoopy optimism…

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My new year day was quite happily spent with my BC lazing around at home watching cartoons all day and playing with Blackie.

My new year resolution: To exercise during lunch time at least every alternate working day and lose at least 3 kg weight! I just hit my heaviest weight record of 65kg last Dec end and I almost fainted when I saw my weight on the scale. Exercise exercise exercise! Gym, here I come!

Also bought a pair of diamond solitaire earrings last Sat. I thought about it a whole day, and examined the diamonds with a loupe as well as tried it on many times to be sure about it. I know they weren’t a necessity, but they were such good value for money for that quality and size (I compared prices at all the reputable jewellery shops at parkway) and I have always wanted a pair of diamond solitaire earrings. Good thing I have small earlobes so they look quite substantial on my ears. As for the size, well the size of a woman’s diamonds is a secret! Heh… But I’m very pleased with them and will prob wear them for my ROM. 🙂