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DH and I had out traditional wedding on 29 July 2007. (Though we had our legal wedding on 7 March 2007 – see earlier post.)

As we had planned, it was a simple wedding, cosy and intimate, with close family members and friends. We were blessed with perfect weather – not too hot but not rainy either. Everything went smoothly and it was over before I could say “Jack Robinson”. Of course, we had the usual teasing of the groom and tea ceremony, and of course, as befitting  my “eating monster” status, lots of food and drinks. Little Blackie was dressed in a pink dress with a frilly tutu I had made for her especially for the wedding. On the whole, I had a happy wedding day.

But I did feel a little sad and reluctant to leave my home of so many years to go to our new house. I felt I was leaving a piece of myself behind and it felt as if I was leaving my childhood behind forever. So in a way, I felt quite sad at the end of the day. Of course, I was happy to be with DH, but I think I will take some time to get used to living away from my family. Although it isn’t the 1st time I’m living away from my family, it feels different this time cos it seems so final, like this isn’t going to be my home anymore. I wonder if all brides feel this way or whether I am refusing to let go of being the protected and doted-upon daughter/ granddaughter.

There’s no internet connection at my new place yet, so my blogging will be (more) inconsistent these few weeks. For friends who want to see my wedding photos, I promise an online album when my connection is up! :p

Thanks to all who made my wedding a happy one, especially to Him up above.


Took this one at my new neighbourhood in Sengkang. She was a friendly kitty.

Meow? Looking for me?

2 cats near my void deck. The white one is very friendly but I hadn’t seen her for a long time.

My cousin Joel’s dwarf hamsters. He got them for his 12th birthday. Ain’t they cute?


Brought Blackie to the reservoir for a walk on Sat with BC and my bro. (Annoucement! BC shall henceforth be known as DH in this blog to avoid blur pple thinking that he really is a BC, haha.)

Had to smuggle Blackie in my bro’s sports bag in order to bring her along on the bus (Y??? My Blackie definitely behaves better on a bus than some children I’ve seen). But Blackie didn’t mind a bit, she thought it was a great adventure and kept sticking her head out whenever she could to look at us.

Blackie in Bag 1

Heehee, isn’t she cute? She was panting cos she was so excited and happy. In fact, she jumped into te bag herself when we placed it on the floor! DH and bro jogged around the reservoir while Blackie and I just took a leisurely stroll. “We met 2 dogs who were enthusiatically dragged their owner towards us to smell Blackie and I was just thinking “what friendly dogs!” when the owner explained that they were male. Haha! So Blackie still has her charms despite being neutered!

We both enjoyed the nice walk and the fresh air at the reservoir. Blackie enjoyed her trip in the bag too!

P.S.: No dogs were harmed in the process of this walk!

BC and I went to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on 7 March 2007, so we are officially married! To the uninitiated, we Chinese in Singapore have the tradition of holding a traditional wedding and it is usually held later than our ROM ceremony, which is usually a simpler affair.

Some pics (sorry, no faces cos this is a “mystery blog”):


Our wedding bands (custom-made, all the way from Italy, I think)


My bouquet

dsc00162.JPG For once in my life, long nails! (they’re fake, and I’m nevery having such long nails again cos they’re so uncomfortable.)

And last but not least, here’s Blackie trying to find her own mate:


I saw a corgi today. It was soooooooo cuuuute! (ok, excuse me there) Also saw an french bulldog. So adorable! Sorry, no pictures of my own to show you.

Huan ying da di hui chun (welcoming spring back to earth)… so goes an evergreen Chinese New Year song.

 It’s the 6th day of the golden Pig year today, and it has been a good year so far. 1st, I got several days of rest to do what I like: eating, sleeping, lazing around and watching TV. I even got to improve my typing skills with Spongebob and friends! Unfortunately I had to return the CDrom yesterday, so I couldn’t finish the whole “course” in time.


Blackie had a whale of a time on the 1st day, running round and barking at the relatives and getting tidbits from everyone. EVERYONE commented that she was very fat and that got me worried. However the little thing doesn’t seem to know that at all and persists in running to whoever is eating and putting on the “feed me” look. I dressed her up in a little “dress” I had made for her and she looked so sweet! She must have been tired out, cos by evening time she was sprawling on her bed looking exhausted and she slept all night.

On the 2nd day BC and I visited each other’s place. On the 3rd day we went to my auntie’s place where my maternal relatives were all gathered. Then on the 4th day BC and I went to watch “Just follow Law”, a file by Jack Neo. It was funny, esp when they made references to “smoke”, “arrows”, “cover backside”. The funniest part was Fann Wong dressed in what I shall describe as an “unusual” style, so as not to spoil the movie for those who have not watched it.

Then all too soon it was back to work… bleah…