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Tomorrow will be the Mid-Autumn Festival, better known here in Singapore as Mooncake Festival, haha. (We are not known as a city of food-lovers for nothing, heh.)

And since Sat night when DH and I bought some “Big China”  (Da Zhong Guo) mooncakes for our parents and brought some home ourselves, I have already eaten at least 1 whole mooncake on my own! BURP!

A little background on the Mid-Autumn Festival – it falls on the 15th day of the eigth lunar month every year. According to Chinese legend, there was a baaaad king who wanted to live forever and so had someone make a pill of eternal life for him. It would have been disastrous for the people if he had really taken it, so his wife Chang’er took it instead to prevent him from living forever. However, after she took it, she found herself getting lighter and lighter till she floated to the moon! As a remembrance to her, people started celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival.

As for how mooncakes came about, now that’s another story altogether…


Huan ying da di hui chun (welcoming spring back to earth)… so goes an evergreen Chinese New Year song.

 It’s the 6th day of the golden Pig year today, and it has been a good year so far. 1st, I got several days of rest to do what I like: eating, sleeping, lazing around and watching TV. I even got to improve my typing skills with Spongebob and friends! Unfortunately I had to return the CDrom yesterday, so I couldn’t finish the whole “course” in time.


Blackie had a whale of a time on the 1st day, running round and barking at the relatives and getting tidbits from everyone. EVERYONE commented that she was very fat and that got me worried. However the little thing doesn’t seem to know that at all and persists in running to whoever is eating and putting on the “feed me” look. I dressed her up in a little “dress” I had made for her and she looked so sweet! She must have been tired out, cos by evening time she was sprawling on her bed looking exhausted and she slept all night.

On the 2nd day BC and I visited each other’s place. On the 3rd day we went to my auntie’s place where my maternal relatives were all gathered. Then on the 4th day BC and I went to watch “Just follow Law”, a file by Jack Neo. It was funny, esp when they made references to “smoke”, “arrows”, “cover backside”. The funniest part was Fann Wong dressed in what I shall describe as an “unusual” style, so as not to spoil the movie for those who have not watched it.

Then all too soon it was back to work… bleah…