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DH and I had our wedding photoshoot yesterday. I spent days making the jewellery for the photoshoot, so boy was I glad when they were done! The “Royal Rubies” necklace almost had me sick of making jewellery and waving the white flag… but… I completed them! Go to my creations page to see them!

I was feeling quite stressed and nervous on Sun about the photoshoot, but it turned out to be an enjoyable one. We went to Emerald Hill, the Botanical Gardens and Sentosa for our shoots. I sure hope they turn out nice!

Wanted to return my wedding gown after the shoot but M’s Brides was closed yesterday. Sigh! Have to take a taxi down to Tanjong Pagar just to return the gown today. I like M’s gowns very much, but I think she is not very helpful when it comes to service. Don’t want to say too much here but I have made a wasted trip because of her and DH and I had a quarrel because of her mistake. 😦

But anyway, I’m glad the photoshoot went well. Thank God my prayers were answered and the weather was excellent yesterday! I am truly grateful and pray that my wedding day will be as beautiful as yesterday. 🙂


BC and I went to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on 7 March 2007, so we are officially married! To the uninitiated, we Chinese in Singapore have the tradition of holding a traditional wedding and it is usually held later than our ROM ceremony, which is usually a simpler affair.

Some pics (sorry, no faces cos this is a “mystery blog”):


Our wedding bands (custom-made, all the way from Italy, I think)


My bouquet

dsc00162.JPG For once in my life, long nails! (they’re fake, and I’m nevery having such long nails again cos they’re so uncomfortable.)

And last but not least, here’s Blackie trying to find her own mate: