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This picture from the Singapore SPCA site broke my heart:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and thankful that SPCA was able to help the poor old lady and the kitty. It’s the picture of the old lady hugging her kitty that almost had me in tears. Both of them look so fragile, yet the old lady loves her cat so much she brings it everywhere with her even though she has no home herself. Her love for her cat really touches me, but it makes me sad that she has no home of her own. Who’s going to help her?

 From the SPCA website: “Case 4, January 2007
This homeless old lady (below) has a pet kitten that she keeps with her everywhere she goes. Without the financial capability, she could not send kitty to a vet for its cat flu. Hearing her plight, we helped treated kitty and send it back to the old lady when it recovered.”


So, I’ve finally gotten a broadband internet connection in my new place, and as promised, here’s a new post! Haha…

I would like to share some photos from our mini Langkawi honeymoon with you (my wedding day photos are not out yet):

dscn1677blog.jpg This is the Berjaya beach resort which we stayed at. The “chalets” were all built on stilts, either at the seashore or in the tropical rainforest.

 dscn1685blog.jpg Squirrels frolicking on a tree next to the Beach Restaurant where we had our breakfast. I counted 4 of them!

Well, my stomach is grumbling for some lunch now, so more next time!

DH and I had out traditional wedding on 29 July 2007. (Though we had our legal wedding on 7 March 2007 – see earlier post.)

As we had planned, it was a simple wedding, cosy and intimate, with close family members and friends. We were blessed with perfect weather – not too hot but not rainy either. Everything went smoothly and it was over before I could say “Jack Robinson”. Of course, we had the usual teasing of the groom and tea ceremony, and of course, as befitting  my “eating monster” status, lots of food and drinks. Little Blackie was dressed in a pink dress with a frilly tutu I had made for her especially for the wedding. On the whole, I had a happy wedding day.

But I did feel a little sad and reluctant to leave my home of so many years to go to our new house. I felt I was leaving a piece of myself behind and it felt as if I was leaving my childhood behind forever. So in a way, I felt quite sad at the end of the day. Of course, I was happy to be with DH, but I think I will take some time to get used to living away from my family. Although it isn’t the 1st time I’m living away from my family, it feels different this time cos it seems so final, like this isn’t going to be my home anymore. I wonder if all brides feel this way or whether I am refusing to let go of being the protected and doted-upon daughter/ granddaughter.

There’s no internet connection at my new place yet, so my blogging will be (more) inconsistent these few weeks. For friends who want to see my wedding photos, I promise an online album when my connection is up! :p

Thanks to all who made my wedding a happy one, especially to Him up above.

There are 2 new TV series on cable TV now, one is Men in Pain (direct translation from Chinese would be “Men’s agonies” and the other is La Femme Desperado (direct translation from Chinese is “It’s hard to be a woman”). They are scheduled to show one after another. And the moral of the story is?

It’s hard to be a human…

It’s 2.30pm and I still haven’t washed my face or brushed my teeth today. Lazy, right? Instead, motivated by a desire to see how an old friend looks like now, I visited Friendster to check out his photos. At the same time, I also visited my ex Emirates colleagues friendster pages to take a look. Boy did I feel a twinge in my heart when I saw the photos of their exciting lives overseas.

Yes, I was the one who made the decision to pack up and leave Dubai, the city of dreams which I found was not all I thought it to be. No, I do not regret returning to Singapore. But I do miss flying. I miss the feeling of being independent and free, travelling by myself in foreign cities and taking to time to walk around every place I had a layover in. I miss being able to fly for free to other countres every few days. I miss the pharmacies in Australia, laid back Auckland, and the pretty old buildings in Germany. I believe if I tried again, I would be able to get into an airline that is based in Singapore.

But DH doesn’t want me to. And I can understand why. I, too, wouldn’t want to have my spouse leaving for work at odd hours of the day and being away from home for days in a row. And I’m not getting any younger. But I can’t help envying my friends who are still flying. Of course, they are all younger than I am and don’t plan to start a family anytime soon. I just feel like I’m leaving my freedom behind forever.

It’s a sacrifice I willingly make to have a happy family, but I wish I could have the chance to fly again, and the support from DH, before we have our 1st kid. But I know I won’t, and I have to really say goodbye to my flying days. At least, I’ve had the chance once, and I’m glad I took it.

Now it’s time for another stage of my life, the stage of preparing a new home, buying furniture and thinking of setting up a family. To be honest, I’ve wanted this far more and for much longer than I’ve wanted to fly. So why do I feel kind of sad?

DH and I had our wedding photoshoot yesterday. I spent days making the jewellery for the photoshoot, so boy was I glad when they were done! The “Royal Rubies” necklace almost had me sick of making jewellery and waving the white flag… but… I completed them! Go to my creations page to see them!

I was feeling quite stressed and nervous on Sun about the photoshoot, but it turned out to be an enjoyable one. We went to Emerald Hill, the Botanical Gardens and Sentosa for our shoots. I sure hope they turn out nice!

Wanted to return my wedding gown after the shoot but M’s Brides was closed yesterday. Sigh! Have to take a taxi down to Tanjong Pagar just to return the gown today. I like M’s gowns very much, but I think she is not very helpful when it comes to service. Don’t want to say too much here but I have made a wasted trip because of her and DH and I had a quarrel because of her mistake. 😦

But anyway, I’m glad the photoshoot went well. Thank God my prayers were answered and the weather was excellent yesterday! I am truly grateful and pray that my wedding day will be as beautiful as yesterday. 🙂

BC and I went to the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on 7 March 2007, so we are officially married! To the uninitiated, we Chinese in Singapore have the tradition of holding a traditional wedding and it is usually held later than our ROM ceremony, which is usually a simpler affair.

Some pics (sorry, no faces cos this is a “mystery blog”):


Our wedding bands (custom-made, all the way from Italy, I think)


My bouquet

dsc00162.JPG For once in my life, long nails! (they’re fake, and I’m nevery having such long nails again cos they’re so uncomfortable.)

And last but not least, here’s Blackie trying to find her own mate: