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The weather lately has been the pits. Either it’s so scorchingly hot and glaring that I just sit down and sweat and feel nauseous, or it’s grey and gloomy and rainy and depressing. Sometimes it’s both in the same day.

You know, I was looking forward so much to the sch hols during term time, but now that it’s sch hols I feel so empty. I’m sick of eating the same food at the neighbourhood mall everyday, yet it doesn’t make sense to cook lunch just for one. There are many things which I’m supposed to do, but I don’t feel like doing them at all. I feel lonely, bored, low, unmotivated and OLD. I envy my students for being young, surrounded by friends, having lots of fun and time to have fun. Well yes I have the time now but no one to have fun with. I know, I’m fortunate to have sch hols and free time on weekdays when everyone’s working. But I miss the days of being a a sch girl, hanging out in a big group, talking nonsense with friends, just letting loose. As an adult, no one seems to have the time for that anymore. Instead, we have worries, work stress, bills to pay, children to take care of, housework to do, turning us into frazzled old hags.

Life! It makes everything so ordinary and humdrum.


My heart is breaking because I’m no longer a teenager…

from all the blog-surfing I’m doing…

Have been down with flu the past few days so couldn’t go out and play 😦

I saw from my blog stats that lotsa people have been coming to my site because of “Haji Lane” lately, so I decided to provide this for my readers.

How to get to Haji Lane? Well, of course, 1st you need to be in Singapore. Next you take the MRT to Bugis Station. Then you walk!

For map, go to

1) I love cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and all other non-man-eating furry and feathered animals.

2) I was a flight stewardess with Emirates.

3) I long to be a flight stewardess again, but I know the working conditions are not conducive for healthy marital relations, so I guess I’m giving that up.

4) I really wish I don’t have to work in an office job again.

5) I’m finally getting a broadband connection at my new house on Monday!

6) I’m blogging now when I really should be sending out job applications (see 4).

7) I love to read.

8) I feel like eating almost all the time! :S

9) I wish DH would say to me, “Darling, you don’t have to work anymore. I’ve got a huge payraise that is more than enough to support the 2 of us plus our kids in future!”. (yeah, one’s gotta dream right?)

10) I can sew pretty well, but I haven’t tried human clothes yet.

According to this, I’m…

discover your dog breed @ quiz meme

Cool! But Blackie would be terrified of me of I showed her my “dog” self! 😀

I haven’t been able to sleep before 2 am these few days. I’m a night owl by nature, energetic at night and grumpy and tired in the morning. But I know sleeping late is bad for health (the hours between 10pm to 2am are supposed to be the most crucial hours for your body to repair itself during sleep), so I’ve been trying to sleep early ever since my uni days.

So what am I doing blogging so late? I decided to do something other than turning and tossing in my bed till 2am. In my JC days, I used to write letters to my secret pals in the middle of the night, almost every night. My creative juices flow best at night.

I miss watching the funny British comedies Art Central used to screen late at night, like ‘Allo ‘Allo, and Absolutely Fabulous. I would be the only one laughing to myself while the rest of my family were asleep. Why don’t they screen such shows anymore? Ah, and The Sketch Show, and another show about a female vicar in the countryside. Those were hilarious.

It’s stupid how I have lots and lots of thoughts going on in my mind while I’m lying on my bed trying to fall asleep but when I sit in front of the computer, I seem to have absolutely nothing to say…

Btw, my new header image is from the NASA website. It’s part of a picture taken of about 10,000 galaxies. I used to lie awake at night thinking about planet Earth, and our solar systems, and how it is just one of the gazillions of solar systems in our galaxy the milky way, and how again our galaxy is just one of the gazillions of galaxies in the universe. And maybe somewhere in the milky way, or in another galaxy, there might be planets just like ours having the same people livng on them (ie, us) but living different lives. Somehow this gives me a very queer feeling inside. When I was a kid I used to imagine myself in a parellel world whenever bad things happened. I’d imagine I’d walk through my home door and inside, everything would be the same except for the circumstances I was in. And now, late at night when I can’t sleep and have nothing better to do, I ponder over this idea. Imagine if God not just created this world, but many others scattered all over the universe, and there are many “us”es, and the worlds are all different as a result of the decisions people made over time. I imagine that when we go to heaven, we’d be able to travel faster than the speed of light and we would be able to zoom through the galaxies.

Another concept that I marvel at is that many of the stars we see no longer exist, yet we can see them now due to the great distance from the stars to us and with the speed of light. So the night sky we see today is barely “real” then!

Ah well enough of my ramblings… it is the magic hour of 2am and hopefully, I’ll be sound asleep soon, having gotten al these random thoughts out of my head. Nighty-night!

Have not been exactly having a whale of a time the past few days, painting my new flat. Sat & Sun were spent painting the ceilings, which was the worst part, and left me aching in my hands, arms, legs, back, well, all over. Then when I thought we were finally over with the ceilings, we returned on Monday morning to find that the living/ dining room ceiling was not evenly painted and required a 2nd coat! I almost fainted on the spot, I was so exhuasted already.

Then Mon we began work on the master bedroom walls, and finally I felt a sense of accomplishment. I chose ICI Dulux’s Evening Tide for most of the master bedroom walls and the colour turned out very well, even with just the 1st coat. Whereas their White, which we used on the ceiling, didn’t seem to show up as well.

After 3 continuous days of painting, I finally got to rest today, and boy, was I beat! I woke up at 9+ in the morning, watched Sesame Street, had my breakfast and lunch, and then, slept the whole afternoon! Even after the long nap, I still feel tired now. Pity my DH who had to go back to work today.

Conclusion: After completing the painting of my new home, I’m never going to do the painting myself again if I can help it!

Excuse me while I go nurse my aching back.

After DH and I selected our wedding photos on Mon, we dropped by Cold Storage to look for fresh fruits. When we entered I spotted these beauties:
Lovely rose

Lovely Roses1

They were so beautiful and smelled so divine! I love roses that bloom like these. Even as I’m typing, I’m sniffing at the roses to breathe in their fragrance.

Needless to say, DH bought them for me and I’ve been admiring them at home since. 🙂

One of those leisurely weekend nights when BC and I tried some sparkling sake from the isetan supermarket, and Blackie wanted some too!

No dogs were harmed in the process of taking this pic, and no, we don’t give her alcohol of any kind. The sake was sweet and refreshing, worth a try!