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As my dear friends know, I left my previous job because:

1) Negative job satisfaction

2) Lousy leaders who do things for their own selfish motives & not for the organisation (no, i’m not referring to our dear old CH)

3) Lots of people who do things for their own selfish motives (not as great a crime as 2 since they’re not the leader)

4) People who say one thing and do another

5) Office politics, not in my dept but inter-dept.

So I was hoping to avoid all of the above in my current part-time job. I thought it would be easy since I would be dealing with innocent students and not having much contact with any “adults”, right? WRONG!

The one “adult” I’ve been dealing with has finally pissed me off today. Let’s call it a “he”. I’ve only met him in person a couple of times, but just email and sms correspondence with him is enough to piss me off. He’s the person in charge of the subject I’m teaching so I do need to get his help/ advice sometimes.

Here’s the story: I noticed one of my classes had a pretty long break in between my lesson and their next lesson, and so did I (at least 3 hrs). They were all complaining and saying they wanted to skip the next lesson, which was a lecture conducted by his royal highness. I thought it was a bad idea for them to skip the lecture constantly and that it made no sense for them (and me) to have such a long break, so I decided to help them by looking for an alternative timeslot for our lesson. As I have no access to the room-booking system, I had to ask him to help me check for available rooms. Guess what he said?

Something like “please do not change the students class for them. we are not allowed to do so.” The cheek of this coming from someone who had just told me earlier that he had changed one of his classes to another day!!! Grrrrrr!!! I was pretty pissed off at his answer so I asked him why not? Then he said it was because if we changed classes for one class, other classes might ask the same thing and it would be very troublesome for him to book the rooms. What the fish? So in the end, it’s all for his convenience! If it suits him (eg for his own class), he can reschedule the class. If it doesn’t, it’s too TROUBLESOME. The students’ welfare doesn’t matter, whether they attend the lecture and learn the subject well or not doesn’t matter, only his own convenience matters!

Needless to say, I was extremely pissed off. However, I didn’t rebuke him. Why? I have already seen through him so there’s no point arguing with a hopeless person.

Not only is he guilty of 3 & 4 above, he also doesn’t bother to brief me properly and the expectations of the students. And the teachong materials are inconsistent, showing he did not even bother to go through them before starting the course.

Oh well… am I just too idealistic or do I care too much?


It was my 1st day as part-time lecturer at a polytechnic today. The lesson was at 8am, so I had to wake up at 6.30am!!! Of course, I was my usual grouchy morning self. My whole body was screaming “I dun wanna wake up!”! I took 1/2 an hour to swallow 2 slices of bread cos my throat was still asleep.

Anyway, it made things worse when I got to the bus stop only to see my bus slipping away under my nose! Arrrgggghh! Then I couldn’t get a taxi. Before any available taxis came, the next bus had arrived. So yes, I was late on my 1st day of work there. What a great example to set my students!

 My students looked surprised to see me, I guess I was too young/ tall/ pretty for their expectations. Thankfully, they were a nice bunch and the tutorial went well.

Read my friend HS’s blog entry today, and felt inspired to write this.

 She wrote about how unsuitable she finds herself to be a tai-tai after having nothing much to do at home for a day… For me, after being jobless for 4 months this time and 6 months after I came back from Dubai, I say I definitely pass the tai-tai test with flying colours!

Honestly, I think I was born to be a tai-tai, or at least a housewife. I find that time passes by so quickly and easily and life is so much more enjoyable when I’m not working. Or maybe I’m just allergic to work. :p The only snag is since I’m not a real tai-tai yet (I’m not filthy rich), the money runs out pretty fast and there is none coming in. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy being unemployed.

I wake up early in the morning to cook oatmeal for my DH’s breakfast, then I have breakfast with him. After he goes off to work, I usually go back to sleep for a while, or watch my fav Sesame Street. When I wake up again I wash up and watch TV, or do some housework, then prepare for lunch. After lunch there’s always still 1001 things to do, like washing the clothes (by machine, of course), hanging out the laundry, boiling water, unpacking my stuff (just moved house), playing with and feeding our 2 dwarf hamsters Speedy and Hamtaro, reading, surfing the net, sewing the remaining curtains, watching more TV, tidying the house, going out to places I’d always wanted to go but never had the time to when working (eg Haji Lane), sleeping, blogging, going back to parents’ home to pack more stuff, watching children’s programmes on Kid’s Central, making jewellery, sewing stuff, making crafts (which I haven’t really had time to do since I moved here), watching DVDs, going to the gym… There are so many things for me to do!

So, when my hairdresser asked me if I felt bored not working for so long, my answer is a big NO! I guess it helps that I enjoy my own company and don’t mind being alone for extended periods of time. Being home alone is fine with me, shopping alone too, only thing I’m too lazy to do alone is go to the gym!

Of course it’s nice to dress up and go to work everyday, and have pay every month to buy whatever I like, but the stress, the hustle and bustle, they’re not for me. So if I could afford it, I’d definitely be a tai-tai for the rest of my life. 🙂

There are 2 new TV series on cable TV now, one is Men in Pain (direct translation from Chinese would be “Men’s agonies” and the other is La Femme Desperado (direct translation from Chinese is “It’s hard to be a woman”). They are scheduled to show one after another. And the moral of the story is?

It’s hard to be a human…

It’s 2.30pm and I still haven’t washed my face or brushed my teeth today. Lazy, right? Instead, motivated by a desire to see how an old friend looks like now, I visited Friendster to check out his photos. At the same time, I also visited my ex Emirates colleagues friendster pages to take a look. Boy did I feel a twinge in my heart when I saw the photos of their exciting lives overseas.

Yes, I was the one who made the decision to pack up and leave Dubai, the city of dreams which I found was not all I thought it to be. No, I do not regret returning to Singapore. But I do miss flying. I miss the feeling of being independent and free, travelling by myself in foreign cities and taking to time to walk around every place I had a layover in. I miss being able to fly for free to other countres every few days. I miss the pharmacies in Australia, laid back Auckland, and the pretty old buildings in Germany. I believe if I tried again, I would be able to get into an airline that is based in Singapore.

But DH doesn’t want me to. And I can understand why. I, too, wouldn’t want to have my spouse leaving for work at odd hours of the day and being away from home for days in a row. And I’m not getting any younger. But I can’t help envying my friends who are still flying. Of course, they are all younger than I am and don’t plan to start a family anytime soon. I just feel like I’m leaving my freedom behind forever.

It’s a sacrifice I willingly make to have a happy family, but I wish I could have the chance to fly again, and the support from DH, before we have our 1st kid. But I know I won’t, and I have to really say goodbye to my flying days. At least, I’ve had the chance once, and I’m glad I took it.

Now it’s time for another stage of my life, the stage of preparing a new home, buying furniture and thinking of setting up a family. To be honest, I’ve wanted this far more and for much longer than I’ve wanted to fly. So why do I feel kind of sad?

Have been busy to the bone the previous few weeks, which explains the lack of entries thus far. Everyday at work it’s rush rush rush to do my never-ending work. Then after work scrambling around to do my own things, like preparing for my wedding. Most of the time I’m so tired, all I want to do is sleep. I want to send out more applications for a new and hopefully better job, but a month has passed and I’ve only sent out a handfull. Oh well, it’s better to have a job and be looking for a better one than to be jobless and looking for one. What bugs me is that almost all the jobs I’ve applied for should be suitable for me according to my experience and qualifications, but none of them have called me! Now are my interpretation skills real bad or are their job writing skills lousy? I’m a recruiter so I should know better!

Visited Joey’s site and found this just for fun site that shows who your celebrity boob twin is and mine is:

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jennifer Aniston

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

I’m glad cos I like Jennifer Aniston and I always thought it was a shame that her ex-husband Brad Pitt got stolen by someone with bee-stung lips. I mean, are girls-next-door not sexy or beautiful? Me being a girl-next-door myself, I say that we are definitely beautiful AND sexy.

Went to baby F’s full month party yesterday and she pooped while I was carrying her! 😛 J said it was cos she liked me cos they have a really hard time getting her to poop. Haha! I guess I can go and buy 4D. Baby F behaved really well otherwise though, she didn’t cry or fidget while I was carrying her, though she practised all the funniest facial expressions, her favourite being 😮

The situation at my workplace is really bad now, my dept is almost half-strength left and everyone is demoralised. The only good thing is that my director seems to have finally woken up from hibernation and is appreciating us a bit more. I guess he is afraid that we will all leave and the dept will be paralysed, in fact the whole of my organisation will be affected. Me, I’m quite numb nowadays. I don’t think it’d make any difference if anyone else leaves. Bad leadership really makes or breaks an organisation, no matter how well it was run before.

I didn’t bring my camera phone cable home, so no photos to show today. Am going to take the Ferris wheel with BC today! 🙂

And so before I go out and play, I’m going to do my work, that is, apply for more jobs!!!