I made some jewellery specially for my wedding photoshoot. DH has already bought me jewellery for our wedding, but i didn’t want to lose any of them during our outdoor photoshoots, and I also wanted something one-of-a-kind for my photos.

Moonstruck Beauty

This was made to match my wedding gown.
Moonstruck Beauty

Moonstruck Beauty 1

Moonstruck Beauty 2

 Royal Rubies

I made this for my evening gown, which is a beautiful ruby colour.

Royal Rubies
This is where I will be showing my “creative attempts” 🙂 One of my hobbies is craft-making, but I haven’t had the time to do much lately. However, had some inspiration recently so hopefully, there will be pics of my creations here very soon!

 Altered Earrings (Original by my ex-col WL)
Altered Earrings This is not really my own creation, I bought it from WL to support her jewellery-making hobby and cos I like the rose patterns. It was originally more asymmetrical than this, the one on the right had more chains and was longer. But, being the perfectionist I am when it comes to craft and jewellery, I wanted the earrings to be more equal in length and thickness, even if they were asymmetrical. (Haha, I’m never so fussy when it comes to work, studies or housework – the things that matter to most. But when it comes to craft and jewellery, and makeup, I’m very very fastidious. Origami, for eg, my creations must be neat and folded with perfect creases. )

I removed the chains, shortened one of them and attached it to the bottom of the rose instead of the earhook. The left one remains exactly the same as WL made it. I really love the rose patterns! WL, buy some for me leh… 😛 I want silver ones hehheh …

Double Happiness (Turquoise)

 925 silver “double happiness” pendant on a turquoise necklace. Rodium-plated lobster clasp with extension chain.

Amethyst Dreams (created in 2006)

A royal purple necklace with tear-drop shaped amethyst briolettes, oval ameythyst beads and golden crimp beads. Rodium-plated lobster clasp.