On the NEL MRT one Sunday morning, a young boy is talking to a woman who appears to be a maid.

Woman: “What is the station after Dhoby Ghaut?”

Boy: “Clarke Quay!”

Woman: “The one after that?”

Boy: “Chinatown!”

Woman: “What’s after Outram Park?”




As DH is away in Mumbai, India on an official trip, I’m back at my parents’ place for a few days of catching up with my family. I think this is still the BEST place for lazing around, even though i have a home of my own now. And I realise why I haven’t been crafting much since I moved to my new place – there simply isn’t a “crafting room” where I can get inspired. Here, all my crafting stuff is in my bedroom so it’s the best place to create new stuff, but in my new place everything’s just scattered around…

I’m in the midst of trying to make my new home more “country-style”, but it’s so hard to find nice country style furniture/ accessories that don’t cost the earth here. There was this fantastic mirror in a shop in Park Mall, but it cost more than S$1,000! Uhmm, I don’t think I can afford to spend that much on a mirror at this stage, I have better things to do with that S$1,000.

¬†I still have one more set of curtains to do, and that’s the set for our study… The reason why I’ve been proscrastinating for so long is that I bought the wrong colour for 1/2 of the fabric, which means extra sewing for me to make it a matching pair… so I’m been feeling extra lazy about it.

Haha, what was meant to be a post about my lazy Monday at home has turned into a report on my home decoration. Actually I would really like to go out, but I feel sooooo lazy! I’m lazy to even go downstairs to buy some white glue to start one of my craft projects. ūüėģ

And of course, I’m even lazier to prepare for my classes this week. The topic is regression… bot very exciting isn’t it :p

Argh! I was sick on Christmas eve, Christmas, and still am sick today. I couldn’t sleep the whole of last night cos I was too busy spitting out phlegm. Needless to say, my Christmas wasn’t a very happy one.

Even as I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself, though, I’m thankful that I have a home, good food to eat, loving family and friends (not in that particular order). ¬†

I really hope the homeless old lady I wrote about earlier (and her kitten) have a good home by now. And I hope they are still together and well. That would be the best Christmas present ever.

Roxette has been one of my fav bands since a friend introduced their song “It Must Have Been Love” to me in Secondary One. Of course, i had heard “The Look” way back in primary school and liked it, but I was too young to know the band was Roxette then. I think I was 10.

You can get lots more information about them here, but the reason I like them is they have so much energy! And all their songs still sound so fresh even 20 years on! In my opinion, they are one of the most enduring pop group of my time.

Marie Fredrikkson is the only lady with really short hair that I find very cool, and Per Gussle’s guitar rifts on their songs make me wanna learn electric guitar! My favourite fast Roxette song is “Sleeping in My Car”.¬† Watch the following clip of them performing it live and you’ll know why.

This picture from the Singapore SPCA site broke my heart:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and thankful that SPCA was able to help the poor old lady and the kitty. It’s the picture of the old lady hugging her kitty that almost had me in tears. Both of them look so fragile, yet the old lady loves her cat so much she brings it everywhere with her even though she has no home herself. Her love for her cat really touches me, but it makes me sad that she has no home of her own. Who’s going to help her?

¬†From the SPCA website: “Case 4, January 2007
This homeless old lady (below) has a pet kitten that she keeps with her everywhere she goes. Without the financial capability, she could not send kitty to a vet for its cat flu. Hearing her plight, we helped treated kitty and send it back to the old lady when it recovered.”

Check out this way cool comic on Singapore’s slimming industry! -> Slimderella

Check out this page for the authors of this comic.


Clueless is my all-time favourite teen movie. I watched it with a friend in 1995, on a day before our ‘O’ level exams, while other students were studying furiously, and we enjoyed it throughly. I was almost 16 when I watched it and now I’m almost 28, but no other teen film has ever matched up to this.

It’s basically Jane Austen’s Emma meets Beverly Hills 90210. I’d write a sypnosis, but you can find a much better one on Wikipedia.

The thing is, watching this show used to make me feel happy, but somewhere along the way, it began to make me feel sad as well. Why? Because it’s too fairytale and I know life’s never so perfect. Well, as least it has never been so perfect for me.

Am I becoming so jaded at the young age of 28? I want the innocent, naive me back!

But still, if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a good show worth watching. They even have it on DVD nowadays. Go watch it!

This is not about how old I am (still considered young by many at the age of 28), how to age gracefully, or what we think happens only to old people (how old is old, anyway?). This is about the aging of my own body as I see and feel it.

Lately I’ve been feeling really tired. Not lazy-tired, not lethargic, nor just sleepy. I’m talking about feeling so tired I have to drag myself out of the house. So tired I leave dishes in the sink unwashed for days (believe me, that’s not like me), clothes piling up in the laundry basket, floor unswept for weeks (again,. this is so not me). The most I’ve been able to cook is porridge plus one additional dish, and I usually enjoy cooking. All I want to do all day is to lie down.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been falling sick very often, which really zaps me of my energy. If it’s not one infection it’s another, or an allergy, or PMS. In between I barely have the strength to wake up every morning.

So what has this got to do with aging, you say? Well, I’ve never felt so tired before. All my life I’ve been prone to falling sick, but even after a bout of bronchitis, I was well enough to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, do 11-hour long flights from Dubai to Germany and back again. That was just 2 years ago. Now I drag myself to school¬†for 2 hours of teaching and when I get home I’m exhausted. Sigh.

And I’ve developed an aversion to antibiotics recently. This from someone who has taken countless types of antibiotics countless times since her childhood days and always saw them as her friends. Now I feel nauseous whenever I take antibiotics.

I’m convinced that my body has begun the downwards spiral of aging which actually starts the minute one is born. It’s just that at a certain age, all sort of cells start dying faster than thebody can make new ones, and so the results of againg start to show. I think my body has just crossed the “magical” age.

P.S.: I’m no medical professional so the above theory is just my own. But of course, common sense denotes that all mortals age, sooner or later.

As my dear friends know, I left my previous job because:

1) Negative job satisfaction

2) Lousy leaders who do things for their own selfish motives & not for the¬†organisation¬†(no, i’m not referring to our dear old CH)

3) Lots of people who do things for their own selfish motives (not as great a crime as 2 since they’re not the leader)

4) People who say one thing and do another

5) Office politics, not in my dept but inter-dept.

So I was hoping to avoid all of the above in my current part-time job. I thought it would be easy since I would be dealing with innocent students and not having much contact with any “adults”, right? WRONG!

The one “adult” I’ve been dealing with has finally pissed me off today. Let’s call it a “he”. I’ve only met him in person a couple of times, but just email and sms correspondence with him is enough to piss me off. He’s the person in charge of the subject I’m teaching so I do need to get his help/ advice sometimes.

Here’s the story: I noticed one of my classes had a pretty long break in between my lesson and their next lesson, and so did I (at least 3 hrs). They were all complaining and saying they wanted to skip the next lesson, which was a lecture conducted by his royal highness. I thought it was a bad idea for them to skip the lecture constantly and that it made no sense for them (and me) to have such a long break, so I decided to help them by looking for an alternative timeslot for our lesson. As I have no access to the room-booking system, I had to ask him to help me check for available rooms. Guess what he said?

Something like “please do not change the students class for them. we are not allowed to do so.” The cheek of this coming from someone who had just told me earlier that he had changed one of his classes to another day!!! Grrrrrr!!! I was pretty pissed off at his answer so I asked him why not? Then he said it was because if we changed classes for one class, other classes might ask the same thing and it would be very troublesome for him to book the rooms. What the fish? So in the end, it’s all for his convenience! If it suits him (eg for his own class), he can reschedule the class. If it doesn’t, it’s too TROUBLESOME. The students’ welfare doesn’t matter, whether they attend the lecture and learn the subject well or not doesn’t matter, only his own convenience matters!

Needless to say, I was extremely pissed off. However, I didn’t rebuke him. Why? I have already seen through him so there’s no point arguing with a hopeless person.

Not only is he guilty of 3 & 4 above, he also doesn’t bother to brief me properly and the expectations of the students. And the teachong materials are inconsistent, showing he did not even bother to go through them before starting the course.

Oh well… am I just too idealistic or do I care too much?

I’ve been liking this song for a while without knowing the title. The MTV reminds me of another of her songs – Cool.