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Roxette has been one of my fav bands since a friend introduced their song “It Must Have Been Love” to me in Secondary One. Of course, i had heard “The Look” way back in primary school and liked it, but I was too young to know the band was Roxette then. I think I was 10.

You can get lots more information about them here, but the reason I like them is they have so much energy! And all their songs still sound so fresh even 20 years on! In my opinion, they are one of the most enduring pop group of my time.

Marie Fredrikkson is the only lady with really short hair that I find very cool, and Per Gussle’s guitar rifts on their songs make me wanna learn electric guitar! My favourite fast Roxette song is “Sleeping in My Car”.  Watch the following clip of them performing it live and you’ll know why.