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Read my friend HS’s blog entry today, and felt inspired to write this.

 She wrote about how unsuitable she finds herself to be a tai-tai after having nothing much to do at home for a day… For me, after being jobless for 4 months this time and 6 months after I came back from Dubai, I say I definitely pass the tai-tai test with flying colours!

Honestly, I think I was born to be a tai-tai, or at least a housewife. I find that time passes by so quickly and easily and life is so much more enjoyable when I’m not working. Or maybe I’m just allergic to work. :p The only snag is since I’m not a real tai-tai yet (I’m not filthy rich), the money runs out pretty fast and there is none coming in. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy being unemployed.

I wake up early in the morning to cook oatmeal for my DH’s breakfast, then I have breakfast with him. After he goes off to work, I usually go back to sleep for a while, or watch my fav Sesame Street. When I wake up again I wash up and watch TV, or do some housework, then prepare for lunch. After lunch there’s always still 1001 things to do, like washing the clothes (by machine, of course), hanging out the laundry, boiling water, unpacking my stuff (just moved house), playing with and feeding our 2 dwarf hamsters Speedy and Hamtaro, reading, surfing the net, sewing the remaining curtains, watching more TV, tidying the house, going out to places I’d always wanted to go but never had the time to when working (eg Haji Lane), sleeping, blogging, going back to parents’ home to pack more stuff, watching children’s programmes on Kid’s Central, making jewellery, sewing stuff, making crafts (which I haven’t really had time to do since I moved here), watching DVDs, going to the gym… There are so many things for me to do!

So, when my hairdresser asked me if I felt bored not working for so long, my answer is a big NO! I guess it helps that I enjoy my own company and don’t mind being alone for extended periods of time. Being home alone is fine with me, shopping alone too, only thing I’m too lazy to do alone is go to the gym!

Of course it’s nice to dress up and go to work everyday, and have pay every month to buy whatever I like, but the stress, the hustle and bustle, they’re not for me. So if I could afford it, I’d definitely be a tai-tai for the rest of my life. 🙂


DH and I had out traditional wedding on 29 July 2007. (Though we had our legal wedding on 7 March 2007 – see earlier post.)

As we had planned, it was a simple wedding, cosy and intimate, with close family members and friends. We were blessed with perfect weather – not too hot but not rainy either. Everything went smoothly and it was over before I could say “Jack Robinson”. Of course, we had the usual teasing of the groom and tea ceremony, and of course, as befitting  my “eating monster” status, lots of food and drinks. Little Blackie was dressed in a pink dress with a frilly tutu I had made for her especially for the wedding. On the whole, I had a happy wedding day.

But I did feel a little sad and reluctant to leave my home of so many years to go to our new house. I felt I was leaving a piece of myself behind and it felt as if I was leaving my childhood behind forever. So in a way, I felt quite sad at the end of the day. Of course, I was happy to be with DH, but I think I will take some time to get used to living away from my family. Although it isn’t the 1st time I’m living away from my family, it feels different this time cos it seems so final, like this isn’t going to be my home anymore. I wonder if all brides feel this way or whether I am refusing to let go of being the protected and doted-upon daughter/ granddaughter.

There’s no internet connection at my new place yet, so my blogging will be (more) inconsistent these few weeks. For friends who want to see my wedding photos, I promise an online album when my connection is up! :p

Thanks to all who made my wedding a happy one, especially to Him up above.

It’s 2.30pm and I still haven’t washed my face or brushed my teeth today. Lazy, right? Instead, motivated by a desire to see how an old friend looks like now, I visited Friendster to check out his photos. At the same time, I also visited my ex Emirates colleagues friendster pages to take a look. Boy did I feel a twinge in my heart when I saw the photos of their exciting lives overseas.

Yes, I was the one who made the decision to pack up and leave Dubai, the city of dreams which I found was not all I thought it to be. No, I do not regret returning to Singapore. But I do miss flying. I miss the feeling of being independent and free, travelling by myself in foreign cities and taking to time to walk around every place I had a layover in. I miss being able to fly for free to other countres every few days. I miss the pharmacies in Australia, laid back Auckland, and the pretty old buildings in Germany. I believe if I tried again, I would be able to get into an airline that is based in Singapore.

But DH doesn’t want me to. And I can understand why. I, too, wouldn’t want to have my spouse leaving for work at odd hours of the day and being away from home for days in a row. And I’m not getting any younger. But I can’t help envying my friends who are still flying. Of course, they are all younger than I am and don’t plan to start a family anytime soon. I just feel like I’m leaving my freedom behind forever.

It’s a sacrifice I willingly make to have a happy family, but I wish I could have the chance to fly again, and the support from DH, before we have our 1st kid. But I know I won’t, and I have to really say goodbye to my flying days. At least, I’ve had the chance once, and I’m glad I took it.

Now it’s time for another stage of my life, the stage of preparing a new home, buying furniture and thinking of setting up a family. To be honest, I’ve wanted this far more and for much longer than I’ve wanted to fly. So why do I feel kind of sad?

This is my childhood playmate:
Childhood Playmate

Sorry that the pic is so blur but it’s a digital photo of a hardcopy photo from ages ago. He’s in the centre of the pic and this is about the only pic I have of him.

I can’t remember the 1st time we met, but we stayed in the same block no. 22 and took the same school bus and attended the same primary school. We were friends from Day One. We would race each other down the footpath that led from block 22 to Bedok  South Ave 1 when we saw the school bus coming, every school day. Unlike with my girl friends, we never quarrelled or had a cold war (probably cos he was a boy). I used to pull on his school bag handle to irritate him.

After school, we would wait for the school bus together, then when we alighted from the school bus we would have another race back to our block. Sometimes we would play around our neighbourhood, looking for interesting leaves, fruits or (gasp!) millipedes. Other times we would buy tidbits or ice lollies and eat them on the sly as I was not allowed to eat such things then. He taught me the art of blowing bubblegum (these were the days before chewing gum and bubblegum got banned in Singapore). Sometimes I would bug him to “treat” me to tidbits when I had no money. 😛

I remember him trying to make peace whenever I quarrelled with one of my girl friends. And even when the rest of them ignored me, he never did so. We were friends through the streaming in Pri 3 and 4, and despite our change of classes. I took it for granted that he would be there for me, every single day of my life. Even when he moved away from block 22, I thought it was no big deal since I would still see him in school everyday. I didn’t even get his new address or phone number from him. 😦 Even after we graduated from primary school, I thought that we would still go to the same secondary school, so I didn’t even ask him to keep in touch. Unexpectedly, I went to another secondary school that I hadn’t even heard of before the day I submitted my secondary school application form.

I can’t remember the last time I saw him. The way I remember him is the way he looks in the pic, a pri 5 or 6 boy. Once in a while I dream of him. I’ll probably never see him again, or maybe even if I do, I may not recognise him. But I’ll never forget those happy childhood days of running free in the neighbourhood.

JW, thank you for your friendship and all the happy childhood memories. Wherever you are, I hope that you are well and happy.

Huan ying da di hui chun (welcoming spring back to earth)… so goes an evergreen Chinese New Year song.

 It’s the 6th day of the golden Pig year today, and it has been a good year so far. 1st, I got several days of rest to do what I like: eating, sleeping, lazing around and watching TV. I even got to improve my typing skills with Spongebob and friends! Unfortunately I had to return the CDrom yesterday, so I couldn’t finish the whole “course” in time.


Blackie had a whale of a time on the 1st day, running round and barking at the relatives and getting tidbits from everyone. EVERYONE commented that she was very fat and that got me worried. However the little thing doesn’t seem to know that at all and persists in running to whoever is eating and putting on the “feed me” look. I dressed her up in a little “dress” I had made for her and she looked so sweet! She must have been tired out, cos by evening time she was sprawling on her bed looking exhausted and she slept all night.

On the 2nd day BC and I visited each other’s place. On the 3rd day we went to my auntie’s place where my maternal relatives were all gathered. Then on the 4th day BC and I went to watch “Just follow Law”, a file by Jack Neo. It was funny, esp when they made references to “smoke”, “arrows”, “cover backside”. The funniest part was Fann Wong dressed in what I shall describe as an “unusual” style, so as not to spoil the movie for those who have not watched it.

Then all too soon it was back to work… bleah…

Have been busy to the bone the previous few weeks, which explains the lack of entries thus far. Everyday at work it’s rush rush rush to do my never-ending work. Then after work scrambling around to do my own things, like preparing for my wedding. Most of the time I’m so tired, all I want to do is sleep. I want to send out more applications for a new and hopefully better job, but a month has passed and I’ve only sent out a handfull. Oh well, it’s better to have a job and be looking for a better one than to be jobless and looking for one. What bugs me is that almost all the jobs I’ve applied for should be suitable for me according to my experience and qualifications, but none of them have called me! Now are my interpretation skills real bad or are their job writing skills lousy? I’m a recruiter so I should know better!

Visited Joey’s site and found this just for fun site that shows who your celebrity boob twin is and mine is:

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jennifer Aniston

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

I’m glad cos I like Jennifer Aniston and I always thought it was a shame that her ex-husband Brad Pitt got stolen by someone with bee-stung lips. I mean, are girls-next-door not sexy or beautiful? Me being a girl-next-door myself, I say that we are definitely beautiful AND sexy.

Went to baby F’s full month party yesterday and she pooped while I was carrying her! 😛 J said it was cos she liked me cos they have a really hard time getting her to poop. Haha! I guess I can go and buy 4D. Baby F behaved really well otherwise though, she didn’t cry or fidget while I was carrying her, though she practised all the funniest facial expressions, her favourite being 😮

The situation at my workplace is really bad now, my dept is almost half-strength left and everyone is demoralised. The only good thing is that my director seems to have finally woken up from hibernation and is appreciating us a bit more. I guess he is afraid that we will all leave and the dept will be paralysed, in fact the whole of my organisation will be affected. Me, I’m quite numb nowadays. I don’t think it’d make any difference if anyone else leaves. Bad leadership really makes or breaks an organisation, no matter how well it was run before.

I didn’t bring my camera phone cable home, so no photos to show today. Am going to take the Ferris wheel with BC today! 🙂

And so before I go out and play, I’m going to do my work, that is, apply for more jobs!!!

Well well, the weekend just zoomed past and it’s Monday again. I feel like I haven’t rested enough yet. Went to our new flat again on Sat and took all the measurements we needed. Now to confirm our interior plans and look for a good contractor. Suggestions anyone?

Was all tired out on Sun but managed to make it to church. Fell asleep halfway through the sermon though 😛 but I think I at least caught the gist of it, our resurrection in Christ or something like that :p Hey, at least I made the effort to go despite feeling so tired, k? Wanted to pass the baby stuff I got for darling F but J’s hubby didn’t make it to church so have to wait till next week. I’m secretly paranoid about the baby growing too big for the lovely babysuits but like BC said, the baby can’t grow that much in a week. Hope I’ll be more energetic next Sun so can go play with baby F!

BC got our new laptop from the broadband deal last thurs and I brought it home on Sat. Spent a large part of last night doing virus checks, updates and windows updates. So much for my job applications which were supposed to be done last night… I MUST do them today!!! The laptop looks very sleek and hightech, like I was telling BC it’s more of a masculine design than the Fujitsu my last company provided us with. However, it’s also much heavier than the Fujitsu than I’m used to. Will take a pic of it and show it here.

No new pics to show today, but check out my new header with words! The font is quite blurry though, can anyone tell me how to sharpen it?

It’s back to work for me… Looking forward to lunch with BC later.

My best fren J gave birth to her very 1st baby 2 days ago. Baby F

Presenting Baby F!

She looked the adorable little angel she was, however, she was sleeping so I won’t know what it’s like for her to be awake!

BC and I also finally got the keys for our new flat. Our 1st home together! I like the balcony and living/ dining room but the other rooms are just waaaaaay tooooo small. Wanted to minimise renovations but looks like we’ll need to have some hacking work done to expand the bedrooms to a decent size. Imagine a master bedroom so small that after you put in a king-sized bed, there’s no more space left for a wardrobe or dressing table! Really, the govt housing designers nowadays.